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By Kyle West

Within the yr 2030, the meteor Ragnarok impacted Earth, rending the realm a desolate tract. Billions died, the sky went pink, and the area entered an ice age from which it is going to now not emerge for centuries.

By 2060, what's left of the us exists underground within the Bunkers. the place as soon as there have been one hundred forty four, now merely 4 are left - fallen for purposes of hunger, uprising, or worse. For within the wake of Ragnarok are new and sinister threats, threats which don't but have a name...

Born into this post-apocalyptic international is sixteen-year-old Alex Keener, who has lived his whole existence underground in U.S. Bunker 108. but if a stranger is permit into the Bunker from the wastes, in defiance of protocol, all hell breaks loose...and Alex's existence is not really related again

Apocalypse is the 1st e-book in seven half sequence. the following books, Origins and Evolution, are already released. publication 4, Revelation, can be out 9/30/2013.

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