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Hence, with newly married women some weeks or months may pass before the vagina learns to perceive pleasurable sensation, and this should not cause surprise. If a woman is experienced and has borne children but has not yet developed erotic feeling in the passage, the chances that she may not do so are obviously considerable. Some women with this handicap continue to value their sexual relations greatly and to moisten readily as though they were entirely responsive to their husbands. Others, less fortunate, have a growing boredom with all sexual intimacy and have to face the fact that this side of their married life may be a burden to them.

The general manifestations of erotic disorder vary completely, of course, in the sexes. With women, any failure of feeling—whether occasional or permanent—need bring no shattering trouble in its train. Yet for men, even the slightest difficulty, being obvious, can cause great distress, and is by some regarded as though it were a positive calamity. It is common for women to bemoan the injustice of nature which inflicts on them childbearing and the monthly periods yet they might well reflect upon the easy sexual rôle which they can play.

COMMON DISORDERS IN W O M E N 59 Although many of them moisten readily and accept erotic life quite happily, others may—not unnaturally—respond with total boredom. It is plain that there may be many difficulties for such a woman. For instance, she may be at a loss to understand the behaviour or conversation of normal adults or even of children. Such people are often at a disadvantage—as would be a deaf person who needed to discuss music. Women with any sexual handicap are liable to wonder if they have chosen the wrong husband, and whether some other man would be more competent in giving them satisfaction.

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