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By W.H. Moos, M.R. Pavia, B.K. Kay, Andrew D. Ellington

Combinatorial chemistry and molecular variety techniques to clinical inquiry andnovel product study and improvement (R&D) have exploded within the Nineties. For example,in the training of drug applicants, the automatic, permutational, and combinatorialuse of chemical development blocks now permits the iteration and screening of unprecedentednumbers of compounds. Drug discovery - higher, speedier, more cost-effective! particularly, extra compoundshave been made and screened within the Nineties than within the final a hundred years of pharmaceuticalresearch mixed, and new drug applicants are in all likelihood for the 1st time makingtheir manner into scientific improvement pipelines in a extra effective means.

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Williard et al. [43] prepared a series of stilbenes using the Horner–Emmons reaction on resin-bound aldehydes. E. Hall Fig. 7. (continued). rated carboxamides was developed using resin-bound phosphonates under MasamuneRoush conditions [44]. As illustrated in Fig. 6, imines serve as important intermediates for a number of solidphase syntheses. Additional uses for these versatile intermediates are described in Fig. 9. Resin-bound thioketene acetals have been shown to condense with imines to provide, after reductive cleavage, a route to substituted aminoalcohols 6 [45].

It is highly likely that the more interesting leads suitable for full development remain proprietary and will only be disclosed in the future. The literature review reported here makes it clear that efforts are continuing to refine and expand mixture-based libraries and their deconvolution methods as lead discovery tools. It is probably obvious to state that the next review of this topic in this series will contain much new information. N. , Drug Dev. , 33 (1994) 174. , Drug Dev. , 36 (1995) 1.

S. Patent No. , September 1994. a. M. , Net. codnetsci). b. M. , J. Am. Chem. , 117 (1995) 10787. , 28 (1987) 3787. , Senyei, M. , Angew. , Int. Ed. , 34 (1995) 2289. a. , J. Org. , 61 (1996) 1558. b. L. , J. Am. Chem. , 118 (1996) 2305. 29 Recent advances in solid-phase synthesis Steven E. A. Introduction Interest in combinatorial chemistry continues to grow as the efficient generation of large numbers of compounds finds utility not only for pharmaceutical research but also for the rapid synthesis of other classes of organic molecules [1].

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