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The critical axes of inquiry are Malraux's ongoing quest for a measurement of transcendence inside human existence and, at lest as compelling, his look for the main acceptable and powerful capability during which to specific a altering information of simply what that measurement will be. no longer unusually, in a global it seems that doomed to languish within the spectral shadow of dying, there are specific constants: a longing for a few fraternity to wrestle man's crucial solitude, a refusal to sink with out attempt into the vortex of the Absurd, a conviciton that existence is to be lived absolutely and extremely. The human situation is what it truly is. The ways that Malraux's characters, and naturally Malraux himself, do something about this display a transparent evolution, particularly from the 1933 novel l. a. humaine onwards. The reader follows Malraux from playful early life throughout the dichotomy of pain and glorification in his heart years, in the direction of the essentially interrogative utterances of the mature guy. the usually frivolous, occasionally sardonic, humour of teenage provides approach first to a painful popularity of the abyss, then to the invention of a truly tentative equilibrium within the philosophy of metamorphosis espoused by means of an older Malraux. André Malraux: in the direction of the Expression of Transcendence finds the significant steps in which Malraux completed that equilibrium.

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Malraux's endorsement of free indirect style as a means by which to associate more closely reader and character continues in Le Temps du mepris. There, far from any fragmentation, however, for large parts of the narrative we are enclosed solely within the cranial cavity of the hero Kassner. From the very first moments of his interrogation, with which the book commences, our view is repeatedly limited to the character's: Comme tous ceux qui ont parfois lieu de cacher leur identite, Kassner connaissait bien son long visage de cheval aux m^choires senses.

However, in the following novel, La Condition humaine, what was largely indicative becomes almost the keystone for the entire structure of the book. The reader enters directly and repeatedly into the mental continuum of each protagonist - Gisors, Kyo, Katow, Ferral, Clappique, Hemmelrich. Thus, in the early pages, it is Tchen's consciousness, as he stands hesitantly over his prospective victim, which provides the narrative - without the least commentary or observation by any external agent: Un seul geste, et 1'homme serait mort.

Even in the explicit context of a man-woman relationship, Malraux tends deliberately to blur the distinct physical differences which make the act, at least potentially, productive. "13 However, in Malraux's writings, the act of embracing seems to be totally removed from any overtones of this sort. Indeed, one could even contend that in a Malraux novel an embrace, erotic or otherwise, is essentially homosexual, or perhaps asexual. There is no doubt that in his writings prior to La Condition humaine, Malraux already suggested that eroticism in purely sexual terms was a fruitless experience, for any satisfactions that it might achieve were provisional.

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