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By Oliver Leaman

Even supposing Islamic philosophy represents probably the most very important philosophical traditions on the planet, it has basically really lately started to obtain consciousness within the non-Islamic international. it is a re-creation of a winning introductory e-book, multiplied and up to date to take account of modern scholarship. It specializes in what's considered as Islamic philosophy's golden age, and should entice scholars and to any normal reader drawn to this philosophical culture.

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In his metaphysics, al-F¯ar¯ab¯ı regarded existence as a predicate of essence, as opposed to an inherent quality of essence. e. God) and everything else, being which is necessary through the action of something else, but contingent in itself. This theory was developed in complex ways by ibn S¯ın¯a, and in many ways has represented the party line of falsafa, ibn Rushd being a notable exception. Al-F¯ar¯ab¯ı’s thought was considerably extended and transformed by Ab¯u ‘Al¯ı al-H . usain ibn S¯ın¯a (Avicenna).

U¯ f¯ı, although it is difficult to see why. He established the curriculum of the mashsh¯a’¯ı or Peripatetic tradition of Islamic philosophy, and in particular did a great deal to put logic at the head of the philosophical process. a¯ l¯ıs). It is difficult to overemphasize his contribution, since he not only worked in areas of philosophy but really created a whole way of doing philosophy itself. His advocacy of logic had as its main effect the acceptance in the Islamic world of the idea that the rules of logic and grammar are distinct.

The rituals mentioned in the Qur’¯an are often grounded in reason and Muslims are commanded to understand their spirit and purpose. Many of the rituals are designed to contribute to the welfare of Muslims themselves. For example, Muslims who pray are thereby less likely to fall into disfavour and dishonour, since Muslims who pray remember God (XX,). The practice of zak¯at or charity, although not a ritual, is designed to prevent the accumulation of wealth in the hands of only a few people and to spread some of it around the community (IX,; LIX,).

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