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SUMMARY In the light of the various important and genuine points raised and discussed in sections 1 through 4 of this chapter one may logically infer and draw a conclusion that unlike the inorganic reactions that are relatively more rapid and faster, the organic reactions are equally slower. In reality, the plethora of organic reactions both simpler and complex ones are mostly found to be sluggish, needs manipulation carefully, requires gentle persuation, governed by stringent experimental conditions, demands high-degree of purity of starting materials and reagents guided by thousands of tested and tried organic name reactions, and above all the personal skill, talent, wisdom and imagination of the ‘research chemist’ to arrive at the ‘target-drug-molecule’ via proven and scientifically reproducible routes of synthesis.

P-IV\C:\N-ADV\CH2-2 36 ADVANCED PRACTICAL MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY Interestingly, the decarboxylation of free acetoacetic acid (II) specifically involves O  transfer of the acidic hydrogen to the corresponding keto  C  moiety in two manners, F GG H I JJ K namely : (a) Prior to loss of CO2 , and (b) Simultaneously with loss of CO2, as illustrated below : Note : It is known that the function of protonation is to minimise the basicity of a leaving group. Example. , addition of acetoacetic and malonate esters.

CONCEPTUALIZATION OF A SYNTHESIS In the past one century and a half ‘research chemists’ across the globe have evolved an innumerable, viable and potential synthetic routes for the preparation of any conceptualized ‘target-drug-molecule’. Interestingly, in the last four decades or so the very emergence of 15 P-IV\C:\N-ADV\CH2-1 16 ADVANCED PRACTICAL MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY the creation of piecing together a logical-philosophy and a well-conceived theoretical design have, in fact, made the entire task of complicated and strategic ‘drug-design’ into a rather easier and viable proposition.

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