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Advanced Formal Verification indicates the newest advancements within the verification area from the views of the consumer and the developer. international major specialists describe the underlying equipment of latest verification instruments and describe a variety of eventualities from business perform. within the first a part of the e-book the middle strategies of trendy formal verification instruments, resembling SAT and BDDs are addressed. furthermore, multipliers, that are recognized to be tough, are studied. the second one half supplies perception in expert instruments and the underlying method, corresponding to estate checking and statement dependent verification. eventually, analog elements must be thought of to deal with entire process on chip designs.

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Then there exists an assignment z 1 =q 1 (c), z 2 =q 2 (c) to the variables of v 1 (C) and v 2 (C) respectively such that Cf (z 1 , z 2 )=1 and for any assignment x1 , x2 , y 1 , y 2 to the variables of v 1 (A), v 2 (A), v 1 (B), v 2 (B) respectively, P (x1 , x2 , y 1 , y 2 , z 1 , z 2 )=0. However, P (q 1 (a), q 2 (a), q 1 (b), q 2 (b), z 1 , z 2 )=1 where a, b are the values of A and B respectively for which c=G(a,b). This leads to a contradiction. 7 Let F be a formula of M (p) specifying the miter of circuits N 1 ,N 2 obtained from a CS S of granularity p.

1. 3 26 ADVANCED FORMAL VERIFICATION S consisting of four-valued blocks. ) As we mentioned in the introduction, the problem of finding a short proof of equivalence of N 1 ,N 2 if a CS is not known, comes down to recovering this CS from the description of N 1 ,N 2 which is computationally very hard (if not infeasible). 10 Conclusions In the first part of this chapter, we introduced a class M (p) of CNF formulas specifying equivalence checking of Boolean circuits with a common specification (CS). We showed that formulas of M (p) are “easy” for general resolution and gave reasons why those formulas should be hard for a deterministic algorithm that does not know a CS of the circuits to be checked for equivalence.

X6 . The following 14 points form an SSP P : p1 =000000, p2 =010000, p3 =011000, p4 =011100, p5 =111100, p6 =111110, p7 =111111, p8 =011111, p9 =011011, p10 = 010011, p11 =000011, p12 =100011, p13 =100010, p14 =100000. (Values of variables are specified in the order variables are numbered. ) 30 ADVANCED FORMAL VERIFICATION The set P is stable with respect to the transport function g specified as: g(p1 ) = C1 , g(p2 ) = C2 , g(p3 ) = C3 , g(p4 ) = C4 , g(p5 ) = C5 , g(p6 ) = C6 , g(p7 ) = C7 , g(p8 ) = C4 , g(p9 ) = C3 , g(p10 ) = C2 , g(p11 ) = C1 , g(p12 ) = C7 , g(p13 ) = C6 , g(p14 ) = C5 .

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