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By Dr. Louis A. Pilato, Michael J. Michno (auth.)

Advanced composite fabrics or excessive functionality polymer composites are an strange type of fabrics that own a mix of excessive energy and modulus and are considerably more advantageous to structural metals and alloys on an equivalent weight foundation. The ebook offers an outline of the most important elements which are thought of within the layout of a composite, of floor chemistry, of analyses/testing, of structure/property relationships with emphasis on compressive power and harm tolerance. Newly rising checks, rather open gap compression exams are anticipated to supply better coverage of composite functionality. This e-book is an "up-to-date" therapy of cutting edge parts of composite expertise with literature reviewed until eventually lately and comprises thermoplastic prepregs/composites and significant program areas.

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CHO ¢ CHO Equation 17 continued 36 2 Matrix Resins ~~ [~~cH~c"{o;P1 Equation 17 If either pure aniline or a-toluidine is reacted with terephthaldehyde, high temperature softening (200 oq polyamines are obtained with limited solubility in organic solvents. By using a mixture of aniline/p-toluidine, low softening point (110-130 oq soluble polyamines can be transformed into the corresponding polyfunctional maleimides. Polyfunctional maleimide cured with 3,3' dimethyl 4,4' diamino diphenyl methane exhibited a T g of 420 oc.

In the same study the authors demonstrated that the fracture energy was increased between 300 and 1000 Jjm 2 when the free radical copolymerization was carried out with a reactive group terminated nitrile rubber (amine, carboxylic acid or vinyl). The use of co-reactive rubbers [81] or comonomers unfortunately results in a corresponding reduction in T 8 , compressive strength as well as modulus of the modified BMI. A more facile method for improved BMI toughness has been co-reaction of alkenyl or allyl substituted phenyl ether oligomers with BMI.

2 Thermosetting Resins 41 cyanate containing resin which thermally trimerizesjcrosslinks into a phenolic triazine (PT resin) matrix system (Eq. 22). A more stable polymer with improved thermal and oxidative stability (as compared to phenolic resin) is obtained with a T g greater than 300 oc, good retention of mechanical properties above 300 oc and a char yield of 70% at 1000 oc. The authors claim that the PT resin is comparable to PMR-15 and other related high performance thermoset systems for high temperature use above 316 oc.

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