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Achieve hands-on adventure with PureMVC, the preferred open resource framework for constructing maintainable purposes with a Model-View-Controller structure. during this concise consultant, PureMVC writer Cliff corridor teaches the basics of PureMVC improvement by way of jogging you thru the development of an entire non-trivial Adobe AIR program. via transparent factors and various ActionScript code examples, you are going to research top practices for utilizing the framework's sessions on your day by day paintings. observe how PureMVC permits you to concentrate on the aim and scope of your software, whereas the framework looks after the plumbing in a maintainable and conveyable method.

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Info Figure 1-2. Typical package structure for a PureMVC-based application schemes will mesh. You may find that you want to extract your entire Model tier into a library for reuse across applications. You might also want to build your Model tier in a separate library even if you do not have multiple apps planned. If that library is not allowed to reference the View tier and Controller tier code in the app, then you will have ensured that the most important separation of MVC has been maintained—isolation of the Model tier.

However, this is not a book about mobile development, and you may not have a tablet to try this out on. But I am sure you have a laptop or desktop computer, so we will target the desktop in this first iteration. By building on AIR, we are sure that an easy path to mobile devices is available. Knowing this to begin with helps us to design in such a way that will make it easier when that time comes. For instance, avoiding components that are difficult to use on a tablet like hidden context menus and tree controls in favor of big, friendly buttons and interface components that can be revealed as needed.

These are questions that can be answered quickly and extended as they are thought out over time with this process. The nice thing about index cards is they are just as easy to toss as they are to jot on. It keeps your thinking fluid, since you do not feel that invested in them. Once you begin to type—be it code or prose—it is easy to feel like you are already building, so it’s easy to go off on a tangent when you really just need to keep things at the simple planning level. It did not take long to realize that the number of index cards was going to be insane even when I introduced an advanced grouping tool, the paper clip.

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