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Can you construct a fowl feeder that retains squirrels out? the place do earthworms prefer to dwell? Does colour impact human feelings? study the solutions to those questions and extra with the thrill experiments during this booklet. younger scientists will discover and discover behaviors of animals' interactions with environments. Many experiments comprise principles you should use to your technological know-how reasonable.

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Whatever the results, there is something to be learned from all scientific experiments. SCIENCE FAIRS Science fair judges tend to reward creative thought and imagination. It helps if you are really interested in your project. Take the time to choose a topic that really appeals to you. Consider, too, your own ability and the cost of materials. Don’t pursue a project that you can’t afford. If you decide to use a project found in this book for a science fair, you will need to find ways to modify or extend it.

Apparently, it could adjust to the changing position of the sound as it flew. To be sure the owl heard no noise during its flight, he attached a wire to the owl’s perch. The recording would be turned off as soon as the owl took off from the perch. The owl would have to depend on its ability to locate the mouse by the sound it heard just before starting its flight. By marking the positions of the owl’s perch and the points where it landed, Payne found that for distances of up to 7 m (23 ft), the owl never missed the mouse by more than one degree (see Figure 14).

The response can be triggered by any egg, and it doesn’t have to be its own egg. In fact, a goose will roll lightbulbs, baseballs, and even flashlight batteries into its nest. The response seems to be strongest if the object is round, large, green, and spotted—like a goose egg. Stimuli that trigger such innate responses as egg rolling are called releasers. They cause the animal to “release” the innate behavior stored in its nervous system. Herring gull chicks will peck at their parents’ beaks to obtain food.

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