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By Rebecca Hogue Wojahn

Utilizing a game-like layout, this booklet illustrates the interplay of crops and animals within the Asian mangrove woodland. The books a variety of tale paths display the advanced and gentle nutrients net of the mangrove woodland. enticing textual content and shiny layout support express key curricular strategies concerning nutrition webs and biomes.

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The baby holds tight to his mother as she and the troop dog-paddle across the river. Their partly webbed feet propel them silently. Behind them, humans stomp through the swamp where the troop was feeding. They are checking out this part of the forest for a logging company. These trees will soon be cut down. The wood will be sold and the land cleared for farming. This is happening too often in the mangrove forests. So many of the trees are being cut down that proboscis monkeys are having a hard time finding places to live.

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