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The "Companion to Medieval Palermo" bargains a landscape of the background of Medieval Palermo from the 6th to the 15th century.

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Recent research in Late-antique urbanism (Portsmouth, 2001), pp. 137–54. 20 vivien prigent being possible to ascertain their actual provenance. When using these seals to found a historical argument tied specifically to Palermo, it is necessary to tread lightly, although some points may be advanced. The first point of any importance concerns the apparent longevity of the municipal curia of Palermo. 56 Nothing therefore indicates that they refer to still existing realities. At Naples, alongside formulaic letters also distinguishing the clergy, the ordo and the plebs, one finds, concerning the very same subjects and at the same dates, more informal missives mentioning only the clergy and the nobiles.

126 We cannot be certain that the affair evoked unfolded in Palermo, but the fact that it was the only major port in this zone of Sicily lends weight to this hypothesis. 127 Registrum, IX, 40. 129 The possible influence of the Oriental communities over Sicilian financial practices calls to mind a second merchant, the Syrian Cosmas. 130 The sums involved were as much as one hundred and fifty solidi, or a little more than two pounds of gold. Nonetheless, the pope decided to settle the affair with sixty solidi deducted from Church revenues, even recommending that some of this sum be set aside and the balance paid to Cosmas, who was henceforth propertyless and obliged to work in order to ensure his own subsistence.

Straightway, therefore, he filled all the small boats of the ships with bowmen, and hoisted them to the tops of the masts. ”4 Abbreviations PCBE: Prosopographie Chrétienne du Bas-Empire, 2, 1, Italie, eds. Charles and Luce Pietri (Rome, 1999). PmbZ: Prosopographie der mittelbyzantinischen Zeit, ed. Friedhelm Winkelmann (Berlin, 2000). Registrum: Gregory the Great, Registrum Epistularum sancti Gregorii Magni, ed. Dag Norberg, Corpus Christianorum, series latina 140 et 140A (Turnhout, 1982). 1 Procopius, History of the Wars, ed.

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