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Content material: Reassessing polymer lifetime prediction tools with more desirable characterization and diagnostics / Robert Maxwell . .. [et al. ] -- getting older complexities prompted by means of the organotin catalyst in foamed polysiloxane elastomers / Mogon Patel, Steve Black, Julian Murphy -- Acceleration components for the oxidative getting older of polymeric fabrics / Roger A.

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2006) EQCN based cholinesterase biosensors. Electrochimica Acta 51, 5174–5181 23. Skladal, P. (2003) Piezoelectric quartz crystal sensors applied for bioanalytical assays and characterization of affinity interactions. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 14, 491–502 24. , and Scheller, F. W. (2006) EQCN based cholinesterase biosensors. Electrochimica Acta 51, 5174–5181 Chapter 2 Piezoelectric Biosensors for Aptamer–Protein Interaction Sara Tombelli, Alessandra Bini, Maria Minunni, and Marco Mascini Summary Aptamers can be considered as a valid alternative to antibodies or other biomimetic receptors for the development of biosensors and other analytical methods.

4). Generally, on the same crystal surface, 20 measurements can be performed without loss in sensitivity. 4. Negative controls can be tested to prove the specificity of the interaction. Human serum albumin is present in plasma and serum at high concentration (~50,000 mg/L), and it must be tested to prove the absence of nonspecific adsorption due to this high concentration in real matrices (see Note 5). 32 Tombelli et al. Fig. 5. Typical calibration plot obtained with different concentrations of thrombin (0–200 nM) interacting with the immobilized aptamer.

34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 35 coupled to magnetic beads. Anal. Chem. , Mascini, M. (2007). Analytical performances of aptamer-based sensing for thrombin detection. Anal. Chem. C. (2000). Effect of oligodeoxynucleotide thrombin aptamer on thrombin inhibition by heparin cofactor II and antithrombin. FEBS Lett. , Bode, W. (1993). A player of many parts: the spotlight falls on thrombin’s structure. Thrombosis Res. W. (1976). The measurement of thrombin in clotting blood by radioimmunoassay. J.

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