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By Michael Zimmerman

1. A examine and translation of the Tathagatagarbhasutra; 2. severe and diplomatic variations of the Tathagatagarbhasutra ; The variations [Tibetan and chinese language] contains broad biliographical references and index.

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What, now, is the tertium comparationis of our similes? Generally speaking, it is the notion that a precious element, pure in nature, but hidden and unsuspected, truly exists, and while it is covered by impurities, its nature remains unaffected. The similes, though they each emphasize different aspects of this tertium comparationis, are meant to illustrate the same basic situation. As a further element common to most of the similes, and thus a second tertium comparationis of sorts, we find the description of the release of this precious element with the attending beneficial consequences for living beings.

In this simile two main features seem important to note: first, as with the gold nugget in excrement, the complete inappropriateness of where the object is deposited and thus the unexpectedness of the finding; secondly, the illustration plays up the contrast between contempt and veneration: nobody, however contemptible he or she may appear, should be looked upon as such, because everyone has a nature deserving of veneration. 5, where the Tathagata wants the awakened bodhisattvas to know that all living beings have the buddha-nature and, one could add, therefore encourages them to apply themselves to the development of that spiritual capacity in living beings.

Sambuddhagarbham jagat: " ... " 66 This alternative would semantically be the equivalent of " ... have a tathagata in their womb" (tathiigato garbhe ye$iim te tathiigatagarbhii/l), which is based on AiGr II, 1 § 109c, p. 279 ("Bahuvrlhis mit kasuellem Vorderglied"): "Sehr oft bezeichnet das Hinterglied einen Kiirperteil und daun das Kompositum denjeuigen, der am betr. B .... vajra-biihu- der den Donnerkeil im Anne hat ... kiliilodhni Kilii1a im Euter habend. " In contrast to the rendering above (" ...

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