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By Horst Rogalla, Peter H. Kes

Even 100 years after its discovery, superconductivity keeps to carry us new surprises, from superconducting magnets utilized in MRI to quantum detectors in electronics. 100 Years of Superconductivity offers a complete selection of issues on approximately the entire subdisciplines of superconductivity. Tracing the historic advancements in superconductivity, the booklet contains contributions from many pioneers who're accountable for very important steps ahead within the field.

The textual content first discusses fascinating tales of the invention and sluggish growth of concept and experimentation. Emphasizing key advancements within the early Fifties and Sixties, the e-book seems at how superconductivity began to permeate society and the way so much of today’s purposes are in accordance with the options of these years. It additionally explores the true revolution that happened with the invention of hot temperature superconductors, resulting in rising functions in energy garage and fusion reactors.

Superconductivity has turn into an enormous box and this full-color e-book exhibits how a long way it has are available in the earlier a hundred years. in addition to reviewing major study and experiments, prime scientists percentage their perception and reports operating during this intriguing and evolving area.

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To the regret of for instance Fritz and Heinz London33 , Gorter published his paper in the Archives of the Teyler Museum in Haarlem, an institution by which he was employed at the time34 . This guaranteed fast publication, but was also rather inaccessible. A later publication in Physica with Casimir as coauthor35 included most of the contents of the paper in the archive. In the first place, Gorter emphasized that the transition from the normal to the superconducting state in an applied magnetic field could be interpreted only in a simple way, if a configuration was chosen in which demagnetization effects would not play a role, for instance, a long wire with the axis parallel to the applied field.

Lack of information has led to speculations about the discovery, in particular about the doubtful role played by a sleepy “blue boy”4 , and about the possible disappearance of Kamerlingh Onnes’s laboratory notebooks. Enough reason, then, to have a close look at the Kamerlingh Onnes archive, stored at Boerhaave Museum in Leiden, to see whether any new clues could be found about the discovery of superconductivity — that most important consequence of the ability to reach liquid-helium temperatures.

The resistance of] Mercury practically zero. Repeated with gold)”. That looks very much like the discovery of superconductivity. 1: A crucial page from the entry for 8 April 1911 in Kamerlingh Onnes’s notebook 56. 0 K]” announcing the first observation of superconductivity. The sketch of the functioning stirrer is seen on the left page. ) When Kamerlingh Onnes took lab notes, he always started by writing down the date. In this case: the day was April 8, but he did not write the year! He dated the second experiment with mercury May 23, again without giving the year.

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